Our Story

We created the Melina Skin Care product range because we strongly believe everyone should be able to afford high quality skin care products. Yes, even young people. 

When designing our products it was important for us to incorporate the feedback we received from the surveys that were conducted with young adults. Some of the most important feedback we received was that the products should be environmentally friendly, not tested on animal, effective and affordable.

Thus Melina was born. Melina is formulated to work quickly with long lasting results. We made sure it was never tested on animals, that it's manufactured in the USA (where we can fully control the supply chain and production), as natural as possible, hydrating and light. Even our bottles are easily recyclable.

When using you should feel your skin is hydrated, fresh and light. Melina products are designed to work quickly when possible. Even though some of the range (like Mega Boost) will take a little longer to see results.

We hope that you enjoy the Melina range and would love to hear your feedback.